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What is Tyr Run Club?

Tyr (pronounced like tier) Run Club is a group of great men, women, boys, and girls committed to fitness, healthy lifestyles, setting goals, teamwork, having massive amounts of fun, and helping our community.

The name has two meanings.  Tyr is the mythical Nordic God of War and Justice.  Legend has it, when the realm of the Gods was challenged, Tyr was brave enough, and committed enough, to do the right thing even though he knew it would challenge him both physically and mentally in major ways.  He was a warrior through and through, just like You!!!! 

Tyr also stands for teaching young runners.  Part of the goals of the club will be to work with kids on setting goals,  taking action to reach those goals, and having accountability partners to help them through it. All under the backdrop of being active, making healthy choices, and having tons of fun along with way!

Every dollar collected for membership and events will be donated directly to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City in support of the Child Life Specialists working with boys and girls being treated for cancer.  100% of every dollar goes to work for those that need it the most!   


Boys and girls of any age are welcome at our monthly trackside or virtual events.  We will have great time running/walking together, learning about how to set goals, and the importance of encouragement and teamwork.  Children will have the opportunity to join our 1 mile, 2 mile, and 5K clubs, or they can just come out and run/walk for fun! Parents: come join your kids. Families are encouraged to attend.


Runners/walkers will take part in monthly volunteer led small group road/track/virtual events. Adults of any age and fitness levels are welcome. Team building and having fun will be the main objectives. In addition, you can put your monthly training to work in our annual 5K/10K fun run.  Beyond getting fit, and making friends, you will be raising money for a very worthy cause.

Our Sponsors, Our Partners

Wanna Join? (Come on, Warrior, I know you do!!!)

Membership (Pay As You Go)

You can be pay as you go for each monthly local and virtual event (a minimum donation of $5/per participant), and then a flat fee of $35 to participate in annual the 5K/10K fun run.

Remember, your membership dollars go directly to the Child Life Department at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Ready to be Tyr Run Club Warrior, subscribe to the Battle Cry down below, and we'll let you know when our next event is and how you can donate.  

Membership (Annual)

Pay a minimum of $75 in advance and score sweet discounts, plus your entry fee to annual 5K/10K fun run is covered!

Remember, your membership dollars go directly to the Child Life Department at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.  When you sign up, you will be directed to pay directly through Children's Mercy! Annual memberships are a great way to make sure you get a receipt for your donation that you can use come tax time.

Ready to be Tyr Run Club Warrior, subscribe to the battle cry down below, and we'll send you to link to Children's Mercy Hospital so you can donate directly.  We'll also get you signed up for the Battle Cry so you never miss an event.  

Whats in it for you (Be a Warrior for a Warrior)

All run club members get an exclusive members only headband, club mailing registration so you don't miss out on any upcoming event, and the chance to exercise, get fit, have fun with some of the coolest Warriors on the planet!  Not to mention that your membership dollars are helping boys and girls from the Kansas City metro area, and beyond, as they fight the toughest battle of their lives.

Tyr Swag

Coming soon, we'll have a Team Store where you can pick up more Tyr Run Club swag to impress your fiends and family. Any and all profits go the Children's Mercy as well.    


Moms, Dads, Kids, Warriors All: No one affiliated with Tyr Run club is a health professional, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, emergency medical technician, or actual mythical Nordic God. Therefore, your safety, the safety of your children, or those children attending any and all events with you is YOUR responsibility.


Before starting any exercise or fitness campaign, you should check with your doctor if you have any reason to be concerned with your health.

There will never, ever be a time with anyone affiliated with Tyr Run Club will ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with, or prepared for.    

Be a Warrior, Bring a Warrior!

Are you a member, and have you been encouraging others to come check us out?  Let me know about it when you're at an event.  There could be a special prize in it for you...

Learn About Tyr Run Club

August Update

Tyr Run Club Calendar

Saturday, October 13

Tyr Run Club 5K Run/Walk

8:00am - 10:00am

Harrisonville City Park (706 Ash St, Harrisonville, MO)

+ Event Details

Saturday, October 13

Tyr Run Club 5K Run/Walk

 The Tyr Run Club 5K run/walk will be held Sat., Oct. 13 at 8:00am located at the Harrisonville City Park (706 Ash St, Harrisonville, MO). Registration opens at 7:30am. 

Adult registration is $35, student is $25 

Register online at:  https://goo.gl/forms/ztinKvWPkK4PkJha2

Payment can be made online at: http://give.childrensmercy.org/goto/tyrrunclub or at the race.

All proceeds benefit The Cade Filer endowed fund for Child Life in Hematology/Oncology at Childrens Mercy Hospital.  Those who pre-register by Oct. 1 will receive a race t-shirt.  Walk-up registrations are welcome the day of the race.  

Special thanks to the Harrisonville Rotary Club for sponsoring the event which ensures all proceeds go directly to Childrens Mercy.  Thanks to our Tyr Run Club sponsors ARC+ Physical Therapy and Schroeder Chiropractic for their support and making run club possible.  

8:00am - 10:00am

Harrisonville City Park (706 Ash St, Harrisonville, MO)

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We get stronger together, and together we go farther!

Tyr Run Club

601 E. Pearl St, Harrisonville, MO 64701, US

(816) 739-3602